Semi-Automatic Prober

  • Product No:PG2101
  • Manufacturer:Pegasus Instrument Inc.

PG2101 Semi-automatic prober is designed for LED Flip Chip production line. It can do top side or bottom side probing test. This prober is suitable for 2”~6” wafers and dices. PG2101 also

can tune the probing speed to fit the different applications. It also can depend on customer’s requirement to make different customer design.


  • Fit for any kind of LED die testing, including single pole red/yellow dies, two poles blue/green dies, back-light dies

  • Easy operation cover can shield the light to reduce the effect for test

  • One button to do alignment, scan and test max 6” scanning areas for diced wafer with max 80mil x 80mil die

  • Friendly operation only by a joystick and simple push-buttons on the key board panel

  • Environment-light-proof by an easy-lift cover

  • PC-base Window Operation System easy for showing mapping chart and probingparameters on the monitor

  • Fast area-scanning technology for accurate die location on the diced wafers

  • High stable manipulator with a sensitive Edge Sensor provides tiny probe marks

  • Support 4 Edge sensor manipulators. Removable probe holder easy to change needles

  • Support 2 Inkers to provide real-time inking

  • Quiet and low vibration motion control system provides a non-noise operation environment

  • Standard TTL and RS232 interface for variety of tester

X/Y Stage

  • Type: High precision recirculation ball lead screws

  • Travel:210mm x 265mm

  • Resolution:0.5 μm

  • Accuracy:≦±7 μm

  • Repeatability:±4 μm

Z Stage

  • Type:Stepper Motor Drive – Linear Bearing

  • Travel:-0.5 ~ 7.5 mm

  • Resolution:1 μm

  • Accuracy:±≦2μm

  • Repeatability:±≦4 μm

Theta Axis

  • Range:±10°

  • Resolution:0.001°

Chuck Plate

  • Size: 4” ~ 6”

  • Material:Quartz

  • Vacuum hole:Φ500um

  • Flatness:10μm


  • 3 axis adjustable

  • Resolution:10mil/turn

  • Edge sensor:Magnetic type

  • Probe Lift > 800,000 contacts


  • Eyepieces:20x

  • Objective :1x~4.5x adjustable

  • Zoom ratio: 20x~90x


  • 84 (D) x 100 (W) x 157 (H) cm (not incluse monitor and signal tower height)

CCD Scan Camera

  • Telecentric Lens 0.8X / 1024X768 pixels

  • Scan range:8 x 8 mil~80 x 80 mil

  • Scanning Time:15K / 1 minute(2 inch)


  • 400 KG


  • 0.5 cfm at 20" Hg (min) , Φ4mm tube

Power consumption

  • 100~240VAC,47~63Hz,<10A


  • Edge Sensor Maipulator up to 4

  • Inker up to 2

  • Integrated sphere fixture

  • Microscope for different magnification

  • Through Put


PG2101-2.png    PG2101-3.png

Operation screen with bilingual language                 Equipped with integrated sphere fixture

and real time mapping