Semi-automatic High Power Single (multi) Crystal COB Tester

  • Product No:PG2301
  • Manufacturer:Pegasus Instrument Inc.

The PG2301 is a semi-automatic tester specifically designed for COB LED packages. It is able to measure optical and electrical properties simultaneously. Both software and hardware are easy to user. It is also suitable for single (multi) crystal(s) LED packaging and testing system of different COB product sizes.


  • Special probe card design, easy to exchange.

  • Suitable for measuring optical and electrical properties on various sizes of COB products.

  • Accurate X, Y, Z axis control.

  • Test platform with lifting function LED goes straight into the integrating sphere to avoid light leakage.

  • Simple and easy software interface.


  • Linear CCD array

  • Pixels: 2048 pixels

  • pixel size: 14μm x 200μm

  • Sensitivity: 1800V/(I*s)@660nm

Spectral range

  • 380nm~780nm

Spectral resolution

  • 0.25 ~ 0.35nm depending on the selected slit width and fiber size.

Optical shutter

  • 600G/mm

Input method

  • Optical fiber: SMA905,1000μm core Φ fiber Numerical Aperture=0.2

  • Slit: 50, 100, 150, 350, 600μm

Dynamic Range

  • 16 bit or 65536: 1

Peak wavelength accuracy

  • ±0.5nm

Main wavelength accuracy

  • ±0.5nm

Luminous flux

  • Accuracy: ±4%

  • Measuring range: Depending on the integrating sphere size.

  • CIE 1931x,y accuracy: ±0.003

Color temperature

  • Accuracy: ±5%

  • Measuring range: 1000K~1,000,000K

FWHM accuracy

  • ±0.5 nm

Spectral purity

  • ±0.5%

Color rendering

  • ±0.5%

Keithley 2400 Voltage Source Specifications(For VF, IR, IZ)

  • Voltage range: ±1uV~±210V

  • Current range: ±10pA~±1.05A

  • Impedance range: <0.2Ω~ >200Ω


          Software operation interface