Manipulator Integrated Probe

  • Product No:Edge Sensor
  • Manufacturer:Pegasus Instrument Inc.

The ES manipulator is made by three precision knobs to control radial, tangential and height adjustments. The head of the probe holder can be quickly removed and mounted, so that the

probe can be easily replaced without welding or special tools.


  • Replace the high cost probe cards that can only be used for specific dies

  • Can adjust the appropriate power for different test needs

  • Accurate adjustment base can be quickly adjusted according to different chip sizes

  • It is easy to replace the probe and save test costs

  • Different test currents can also be easily replaced with different thickness probes

The ES probe holder is designed for production testing and combines the probe with a microswitch sensor. Therefore, it is an ideal production test solution that can replace the high cost probe cards. The best alternative is to use less than 4 test sample electrodes.

The ES probe base can accurately control the contact force between the probe and the sample through the adjustment of the elastic force, and can generate the minimum needle mark and the

consistency of the entire needle mark. The variable contact force and the adjustment of the spot position can be easily and quickly adjusted according to different die sizes and test needs. This is an important advantage that cannot be replaced by another probe card.